Teddy – Available for Adoption

Old West Newfoundland Club Rescue has a very sweet, but high needs, 1.5 yr old Newfoundland male available for adoption.

Assessment from animal behaviorist Karen Deeds

Teddy is a very biddable, energetic, confident dog. He needs management to avoid him from being able to practice behaviors that easily over arouse him; Such as being able to run a fence line with other dogs or livestock!

When in a yard or kennel, he will not bark at other dogs nor does he approach other dogs in the kennel to initiate any interaction. However, if there is a dog on the other side of the fence that is running and barking, he will join in. I honestly think that he had a strong history of doing that and that built up his arousal around dogs immensely. Since he has not had an opportunity to practice that behavior, his arousal/reaction around other dogs has diminished. He is still excited to see other dogs and will require training and behavior modification to change that, but his biddability will make that attainable with someone who knows what to do.

He would benefit from training, obviously. He needs impulse control work, manners work, and would benefit from a lot of mental stimulation; much like any juvenile dog.

Any dog introductions need to be done slowly and arousal kept to a minimum. He is big and wants to play rough. We did some parallel walking along with food scatters initially at a distance. Then got closer. We eventually allowed him to interact with the other dog (An older GSD) and he was a bit pushy and attempted to mount him. The GSD snapped at him and Teddy responded appropriately and stopped. We then did some more scatters to keep arousal low. Eventually, we were able to allow them to interact briefly, albeit on leash and then stopped on a good note.

I have not ever seen any aggression in him. Just overarousal.

This dog will require consistent training and management. He is not a dog for beginners. If you’re interested in adopting Teddy, please share your training experience and references by submitting an adoption application.

Please contact OWNC for more information at owncresq@ownc.org.