Need a Newf?

Our club members would love to help you with your search! We invite you to come to our next event where we’d love to talk to you about Newfies. If you always start with a little online research prior to shopping, here are some helpful links. But seriously…step out from behind the computer and come to an event! Networking is the best way to find your new best friend.

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Call 1-866-NCA-NEWF (1-866-622-6393) or e-mail

Newfoundland Club of America Breeders Referral List

Puppy Information from Newfoundland Club of America

Genetic Disorders Known to Affect Newfoundland Dogs

OFA / Canine Health Information Center

Pet Insurance

Comparison of Five Pet Insurance Programs

Newfoundland Club of America

Newfoundland Club of America Information

AKC Information on thinking about Are You Ready For A Dog?

Recommended Reading For Prospective Newfoundland Owners