Grooming Your Newf

Your Newf needs love, food, a cool place to lay his head, age-appropriate exercise, training, outlets for his energy, good vet care and a lot of grooming. We’ve included some information about tools and processes you can use to make grooming fun and easy.

How to bathe and dry your newf

Before you break out the hose, make sure you have combed through the dog. Wet the dog down to the skin (this is where the Rain Cane comes in handy) and then apply shampoo, either at full strength or diluted with water (where the foamer does a great job) making sure you’ve gotten to the skin. Time to rinse all those suds away. Keep rinsing! Do it again and again until there’s no residue left. Then condition and rinse some more. Towel off and break out that high velocity dryer. Start from the front and comb while you dry. Dry in one direction and try not to whip the dryer back and forth or you’ll cause the hair to matt. When you’re done, take some aspirin and grab a cocktail. You’ve earned it!

We like to trim after the dog is completely dry, neatening around the ears, feet and underside at a minimum, taking a few more steps for a show groom.

Newfoundland Grooming Penny Shubert – The Complete Groom

Recommended Tools

Greyhound Comb

Used for line combing and removing undercoat, removing debris and very useful when scissoring your Newfie. Good quality combs will last a long time.

Undercoat Rake

Also helps with removing undercoat and Newfies produce a lot of undercoat! Look for a rake with longer teeth that can make it through the long coat.

Slicker Brush

Great first brush for a puppy’s fluffy coat. Especially helpful in removing yard particles the Newfie tracks in and burrs from the lake. Aids in pulling up the hair on Newfie feet to get a nice rounded trim.

Pin Brush

Good all around brush

Grooming Shears

Thinning shears, straight shears and curved shears are really helpful to have. Good quality shears are expensive, but typically worth the investment. You can find these for almost any budget and some even use shears designed for people.




High Velocity Dryer

A Newfie owner’s best friend. Can be used to dry the dog after swimming as well as keep the coat free of debris and dander on a daily basis. We love the variable speed dryers but any good dryer will help keep your Newfie mold-free.;jsessionid=1L9SLf6dJdVLET9rOO030_rM_vHpXQFGQD0A_SAPQ9f3R5y6vLU0VYgo0URN6Jys;saplb_*=(J2EE9298020)9298050?area=&sort=RD&wec-appid=PEDM_WEBSHOP_TR&page=C35456610F7C42BFA1CA25328F1F0BBB&itemKey=005056A6CE9C1ED4A6EFDACED1ED0576&show=12&view=grid&wec-locale=en_US

Grooming Table/Grooming Arm

Save your back and help keep your Newfie in one place while you bathe, dry and trim.


Use for trimming the hair on the bottom of the foot pads. Can also use for shaping and tunneling bellies or taking the coat down to a shorter length.

Nail Clippers

Trim regularly for good health. Standard clippers or a Dremel with sanding drum or diamond bit.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Detangling Spray

Great for brushing and helping to remove burrs and matts

Nice to haves:

This attaches to a hose and makes bath time go a whole lot quicker by mixing the water with your shampoo or conditioner and helping get it down to the skin, a challenge with our breed!

Rain Cane

Save time bathing with this handy dandy rain wand

Matt splitter

Some never get mats, others prefer using scissors. If you deal with matts regularly you might want to invest in one of these tools