Prospective Members – Kate Bartush & Matthew Beard

Kate Bartush & Matthew Beard

We have received an application for family membership from Katie Bartush & Matthew Beard.

Kate Bartush & Matthew Beard
126 Normandy Ave
San Antonio TX 78209

Katie and Matthew own Birdie G. Bartush, a 1.5 year old female Newf. Their goal for Birdie is “to be a well-behaved companion who can attend pet-friendly locations and to participate in events like water work and drafting for exercise, mental health and bonding.” They are interested in draft, water and therapy work and grooming and are willing to volunteer for water and draft tests and stewarding at tests.

They attended the OWNC water seminar with Deanne Alko where they met several OWNC members including Stacy Kipp and Meredith Johnson, who are their sponsors.