Fostering Dogs Changes Lives

As a Foster family, we’ve had the privilege of watching many dogs grow both emotionally and physically, and then blossom into great perspective pets. Many know about our sweet foster Lilly, that came into rescue on Easter weekend. She was severally over-bred at just a year and a half old. She was very afraid of human movements and very shut down. When she first arrived she avoided being in close proximities to us without an exit, and hit the ground if you reached for her.

In just a few short months she has overcome some pretty rough medical issues, and is on her way to becoming a happy and joyful dog. She now comes running when she hears her name, hangs out loose in the house with the big boys. She even happily lets us reach for her to give her love and affection!

I do have to say the absolute number one thing that I feel changed her course was the love and friendship of a certain red head. He must have forgotten he was a bossy little Cattle Dog, and became a loving Newfie friend. Thanks Zac for showing Lilly how to run out and potty like a big girl (outside!!), how to play, and how to trust and how to let her hair down and have fun!

Lilly is now ready for her forever home and I was just thinking about how far she has come and thought I’d share.I attached some cute videos of them playing!