Meet Ron Horn

I’ve been fascinated by the Newfoundland breed for more than sixty years, but my true passion for the breed began in 1989 when I attended my first water test. One year later my girl, Ally, became my first dog to earn a WD. Ally began a tradition of active Newfoundlands being a part of our family. Over the years our Newfoundlands have participated in nearly every dog-related activity available. One of my most happy moments was the day our Lucy earned her WRDX.

Ron Horn posing at Water Test

As a result of living with these wonderful Newfoundlands, I participate in a variety of dog-related activities, such as judging Water (Mentor) and Draft (Mentor) Tests for the NCA, and doing CGC tests for the AKC. I also teach seminars on Newfoundland Water and Draft activities, regularly serve as a tracklayer for AKC Tracking Tests, and am a Tester/Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs Incorporated. In addition, I serve as an instructor at Blue Springs ā€˜n Katydid Dog Training Center where I teach puppy kindergarten. I also judge the Working and Non-Sporting Groups in conformation as well as Rally for the AKC.

It is an honor to be invited to present a water seminar for the Old West Newfoundland Club. It is my greatest desire to help each participant be able to enjoy the innate water life-saving skills of our breed and to increase their personal skill level as a Newfoundland Water Rescue trainer.