Past Event Results 2016-

Draft Tests 2017
Johnson Road Park, Keller, TX
Judges: Bethany Karger & Keith Malinson

Saturday, February 25, 2017

New DD:

Huck - GCH Bear N Mind's Calling Down The Thunder, CGC, WRD4, handled by Leah Schlagel

Sunday, February 26, 2017

DD Requalifier:

Huck - GCH Bear N Mind's Calling Down The Thunder, CGC, WRD4, DD, handled by Leah Schlagel

Supported Entry 2016
Greater Collin Kennel Club
Saturday, December 10, 2016

Judge: Sharon Krogh

BOB: CH Bear N Mind's Calling Down The Thunder (Ch Seabrook Steppin Out At Poobear x Ch Bear N Mind's American Girl), Breeder: Dwight & Christine Gorsuch, Owner: Leah Schlagel & C Gorsuch

BOS: GCH Bear N Mind Waltzes To Misty Mtn CGC BN RA (GCh Ch Cypress Bay's The One That I Want For Bear x Gch Ch Bear N Mind's Oh Mercy Me), Breeder: Christine & Dwight Gorsuch, Owner: Ron & Scarlett Horn & Juanita & William Bartlett

Select: CH Sugar-Mtn's Take The Momey And Run (Ch Pouch Cove Goes The Distance x Ch Timberknoll's Girls Just Want To Have Fun), Breeder: Tina and David Bowers, Owner: Dr Robert Germann/Andrea Germann/Tina Bowers

Select: GCH Beecreek's Pucker Up CGC RN (Gch Ch Sunvalley's Its As Simple As ABC x Beecreek's Booty Call At Honeylane), Breeder: Ginny Graham & Kelli LePore, Owner: Ginny Graham & Megan Goldin

WD: Bear N Mind's I'm Meant For Something Special (GCH Ch Bear N Mind's Maritime Traveler CD x Ch Bear N Mind's I'm No Angel), Breeder: Dwight & Christine Gorsuch, Owner: Leah Schlagel

RWD: Beecreeks Evenkeel You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat (Ch Bowaters Raise Your Glass x Gch Ch Beecreeks Pucker Up CGC RN), Breeder: Megan Goldin & Ginny Graham, Owner: Megan Goldin & Ginny Graham

WB/BOW/BOBOH/OHG2: Rio Nova Beaming With Pride (GCH CH Kodiak Acres Name In Bright Lights x GCH CH King Of Helluland Pride And Honour), Breeder: Tracy Luber, Owner: Tracy Luber

RWB: Timberknoll Paint The Sky Indigo (Ch Cypress Bay's The One That I Want For Bear N Mind x Ch Timberknoll's Mountain Sunrise), Breeder: Benita Edds & Patti Sutherland, Owner: Nan Martin CaraPerry BenitaEdds PattiSutherland

Water Tests 2016
Lake Kiowa, Lake Kiowa, TX
Judges: Ron Horn & Bethany Karger

Friday, September 23, 2016

New WD:

Georg - Am/Can CH Stjarna's Troubadour, CGC, handled by Janice Swenson

Saturday, September 24, 2016

WRD Requalifier:

Journey - VN GCH Timberknoll's Enbrace The Journey, RN, CD, WRD1, DD2, TDD, TOD, handled by Robin Love


Bravo - CH ThreePond's Standing Ovation II, UD, WRD3, handled by Carol Gifforn

Sunday, September 25, 2016

WRD Requalifier:

Huck - CH Bear N Mind's Calling Down The Thunder, CGC, WRD3, handled by Leah Schlagel

Supported Entry 2016
Beaumont Kennel Club
Saturday, July 23, 2016

Judge: Robert Stein

BOB: GCH Darbydale's The Journey Continues (CH Darbydale's All That And More x CH Darbydale's Girl Talk), Breeder: Carol Bernard-Bergmann, Owner: Kathy Kemp

Select: CH Oceano Darbydale's Xecutive Decision (Ch Centurion Of Oceano E Acqua Terra x Ch Darbydale Because I'm Sweet Enough At Oceano), Breeder: Monica Perusquin & Gigi Griffith, Owner: Kathleen Wortham

WD: Journey & Haytee's Lonestars & Gunsmoke (Ch Haytee's Good Time Charlie x Journey and Haytee's Silver Lining), Breeder: Virgina L. Davis & Kelly Davis & Wendy Hayman, Owner: Leonardo & Annalyn Paz & V. Davis and W. Hayman

RWD: Kingstone De Black Piuque (Kidu Lefken Temaukel x Lisa Sants Wilking's), Breeder: Black Piuque, Owner: Daniel Sanchez Echeverria

WB/BOW/BOS: Callisto's Sassy Blackswan (Ch Kilyka's Fireside Black Fire CD x Ch Callisto's Resolution), Breeder: Susie Purvis & Inga Shapoval, Owner: Susie Purvis

RWB: Avalon Bey's Dancing Queen (Ch Cypress Bay JL Snazzy Story At Avalon Bey x Ch Avalon Bey's So What...I'm Still A Rock Star), Breeder: Laura Rader, Owner: Laura Rader

Draft Tests 2016
Camp Kachina, Belton, TX
Judges: Gary Walker & Dwight Gorsuch

Saturday, February 20, 2016

No Qualifiers.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

New DD:

Bombay - CH Keepsakes Risky Business, BN, RA, WRD(1) - handled by Sarah McDowell