In AKC Conformation the judge compares each newfoundland to the breed standard, the written description for the breed. The dog and bitch that "conform" best to the Standard in the Judge's opinion that day are awarded Championship Points. The number of points awarded are based upon the number of newfoundlands entered in each sex.

The OWNC holds a Supported Entry 1-2 times each year. For more information see our Events Listing.

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NCA Illustrated Guide for the Newfoundland Dog

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Getting Started:

AKC Junior Showmanship is for children 9 to 18 years of age to learn about showing and the sport of purebred dogs. The Junior Handler is judged on his/her ability to present the dog in the ring. Junior Showmanship is included in most all breed shows across the area.

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Show Grooming:

Newfoundland Grooming Videos with Penny Shubert & Eric Salas

Newfoundland Grooming Part 1 Bath

Newfoundland Grooming Part 2 Drying

Newfoundland Grooming Part 3 Trimming

Newfoundland Grooming Part 4 Trimming

Newfoundland Grooming Part 5 Trimming

Newfoundland Grooming Part 6